Our mission is to support success-oriented students from diverse backgrounds in their pursuit of academic achievement, empowerment and social engagement

Our Pillars

At Attollo, we are guided by our six pillars. During the six-week Attollo Recruit Program, students learn one pillar each week through various activities, reflection sessions, and discussions. These pillars of success are incorporated in all programing that is offered to scholars.

Strong Mind

Being open to taking on difficult challenges and solving tough problems


The act of trying to win


Bouncing back from setbacks



Knowing that my actions not only affect me but others as well


Giving up something now to get something better in the future

Finish Strong

Completing one’s plan with intensity and pride

The Scholar Experience

Our Scholars receive 550 hours of mentorship, 16 hours of SAT prep, 4 PSATs, college application support, nationwide college tours, and access to our programs such as Attollo Recruit, Attollo Engineering/CS, Attollo Startup and Attollo Pre-Med.