We are so excited to announce the launch of our new program Attollo Pre-Med partnered with PatientsRWaiting. Working to empower students with exposure to the real-life application of STEM through medicine! The curriculum aims to develop thinking and confidence grounded in an inclusive scientific learning environment. 

The program is focused on exposure and inspiration. Application: A diverse selection of Attollo Scholars interested in pursing a profession in one of the health allied fields will be invited to apply.  Exposure: Local health professionals from various fields will be recruited to participate as mentors, this includes physicians and surgeons of varying specialities as well as allied health professionals to showcase the wide scope of fields that touch patients’ health care experiences. Clinical Experience: Each AMed Scholar will have one 4+ hour shadowing experience with a clinician of their choice. Directed Self-Inquiry: Students will present a career action plan developed under the guidance of their professional mentor.


AMed Liaison – Kyle Muna

Partner Coordinator – Dr. Cherise Hamblin from Patients R Waiting



12 weeks

Tuesday, Jan 21st to Tuesday, April, 7th from 6pm-8pm