Attollo Recruit is our 5:30 AM onboarding process, which is an intensive 6-week course that begins at 5:30 AM. We partner with school districts who recruit a diverse cohort of high school juniors to be part of the program. During the six weeks, Attollo Recruits experience the meaning of our pillars: Strong Mind, Competition, Resiliency, Accountability, Sacrifice, and Finish Strong, are able to take time of radical self-inquiry, as well as have the opportunity to learn how to solve the Rubik’s cube in less than 90 seconds.

Through this process, Attollo Recruits are able to prove to themselves that they can achieve goals they never would have thought possible, as well as have the opportunity to become an Attollo Scholar.


Lead Coordinator – Beimnet Getahun


6 weeks; T, W, TH starting at 5:30 am