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Here are some current scholars who are in the Attollo program along with Alumni Scholars who have gone to top ranking schools across the country.



Nick Mich is a hard worker. He has had his sights set on attaining a business degree from Princeton; but as a first generation college student, his parents were unable to guide him to achieve his high goals. Nick is a leader for his high school band. At Attollo this leadership potential grew. He was able to build his confidence and find his voice. He also increased his SATs to put his goals well within reach.


Taraje is a team player–on the football field—on the track—and at home. At Penn Manor, he’s the Wide Receiver on the football team and is at the top of the state in 110m and 300m hurdles. At home, he and his mom work together to serve as role models for his 3 younger siblings. And his day doesn’t end there. He is often still doing homework until 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning. Despite his schedule, he jumped into the 5:20 AM Recruit program, like he does with everything in his life. He saw an opportunity and made the most of it. His hard work is paying off. Taraje is also at the top of his class academically and is now receiving prestigious college offers from across the country.


Cici blossomed through Attollo. While always a very good student, at Attollo she had the opportunity to be involved in Attollo Start-Up and be a cofounder of Mochila, an ergonomically correct backup company. She is a section leader for Chorus and was crowned homecoming queen, after raising the most money for charity during the competition. After her Attollo College tours, her college
aspirations rose as she realized she has no limits. Cici realized that she can have a major impact on her community.


Kevin Ward earned a near perfect 1550 on his SATs after his Attollo SAT training. His increase, from an initial score of 1390, enabled him to earn the distinction of National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist. Kevin is a high achiever: solving a regular Rubik’s Cube gave him the incentive to solve a 4X4 Cube and then a 5X5 Cube on his own. Kevin is also a leader in the Gaming Community. Attollo helped him to use those leadership skills to gain a sense of belonging with his high school peers and to become a leader in his school community as well.

Our scholars embody the pillars to have balance and success while empowering others along the way.



Sarah suffered abuse at home, but she did not let that stop her. In fact, she viewed the 5:20 AM Attollo Recruit sessions as a way to move beyond her background. She continued excelling at academics and sports and during her Attollo college tours, she visited schools in California before senior year. Between her friends, her faith, her Principal, and Attollo, she is now proud to be the recipient of a full Questbridge Scholarship and is a Freshman at The University of Southern California. Sarah is studying Neurology on her path to becoming a NeuroSurgeon.


Jeryka came to the United States from Puerto Rico. Since her family speaks
primarily Spanish, Jeryka knew she would be handling the college process alone. As an Attollo Scholar, she worked hard and won the Shaping Lancaster
Innovation Summit for beginning a student run chat room for teens, dealing with the trauma of having single parents. Although Jeryka had always dreamed of attending Ohio State, the tuition would have been out of the question for her hard working mom. Her experience with Attollo pushed her to reach her dreams. When the tuition agreement from Ohio State arrived, requiring Jeryka to pay over $38,000/year; Attollo advocated for her. She is now studying business administration at The Ohio State University for less than $2,000/year.


Wadolo wrote in his college essay: ‘I won the lottery…When we won a visa 20 years ago, we broke all odds. Very few people from Ethiopia are fortunate enough to be able to enter the United States. During one of my summer trips to Ethiopia, we visited the house my father grew up in. It was made of grass and had no running water. There were starving children on the streets. This could have been me….The starving children on the
streets need a doctor. The malaria and HIV must be treated by a physician who cares for the patient’s body and soul. This is my life calling. I am a lottery ticket. I am that doctor.’ Wadolo’s parents, who speak only Amharic, started their life in America in a drug dealing neighborhood and a roach infested house. They worked 12 hour shifts in construction to provide for their family. As an Attollo Scholar, Wadolo also worked tirelessly to increase his SATs 220 points. He is now a freshman at Temple, studying biology, so that he can fulfill his calling.


Rimaz and her family are from Sudan. When she entered high school, she
remembers feeling different in her primarily white high school. After beginning Attollo, in a group of very diverse students, she realized that there are many people who are different, and that is what makes them unique. Rimaz’s sense of confidence grew through Attollo and she realized she could achieve her dreams. As a first generation college student, she realized that while her parents could not guide her as she made her college decisions, she had the support and guidance of Attollo. When she was accepted at Penn State Main, Attollo advocated for Rimaz and testified to her commitment to herself and her family. Rimaz is now attending Penn State on a full scholarship.