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We influence and develop change agents, leaders who act as catalysts for transformation with the help of academically aware students, proud parents, an engaged community, and a staff that leads by example.


“You can’t pay it back… so you have to pay it forward.”

This is what my personal mentor said to me as he dropped me off at the University of Maryland when I thanked him for basically saving my life. After getting into trouble in middle school, I was introduced to my mentor who had very high expectations for me and who held me accountable to exceptional standards. He was the reason why I worked hard in school, on the field, on the court, and ended up with a football scholarship to University of Maryland.

So, when I thanked him, his response stuck with me:
“You can’t pay it back… so you have to pay it forward.”

Children Deserve A Chance Foundation and the Attollo program has been my effort at paying it forward. Each student who graduates from Attollo receives the same message. The purpose of Attollo is not only to help individual students to ‘rise up’; the purpose is to also help our community to ‘rise up’. We are investing in students who, we believe, will be the leaders of tomorrow. Armed with the desire to work hard and the leadership principals to make changes happen; Attollo scholars understand, ‘you can’t pay it back… so you have to pay it forward.’

All the best,

Jordan Steffy

Founder and CEO

Children Deserve A Chance’s Mission is to support success-oriented youth from primarily underrepresented communities in their pursuit of academic achievement, empowerment, and social engagement.

How do these students
become Attollo Scholars?



Jordan Steffy
Jordan SteffyExecutive Director
Once a Quarterback, always a quarterback…Jordan calls the plays for the team so we can score for our Attollo Scholars. Nothing is off limits—staff all-nights, 7:00 AM team basketball games, and 5 Before 5 (running 5 miles before 5AM) — as he asks nothing of his team that he wouldn’t do himself. Between CDCF, UniVision (the bilingual Day Care Center he co-founded), and Xylem (a mentoring app company he co-founded), Jordan takes his dreams and turns them into reality. At Attollo, Jordan ensures that his team is growing and challenging themselves constantly and is always ready to move to the next level. Watch for Jordan running 20 miles around the F&M Track before work (yes, that’s 80 laps) or running the streets of Lancaster before a major presentation. Jordan is passionate about our Scholars and about the love of his life, Kiandra, and their amazing daughter, Meera.
Leo Silva
Leo SilvaAssociate Director
We haven’t figured out if Leo actually has caffeine running through his veins or not, but Leo possesses an endless energy that energizes the entire organization. Born in the Dominican Republic and an active member of LCBC, Leo cares deeply about the people he loves;: his students, his coworkers, and his family, especially his daughter, Ciara. Leo can also be found running endless loops at the F&M track and working out constantly at LA Fitness. If you pose a challenge to Leo, he’ll accept it and conquer it. Whether that is running a sub 5-minute mile or climbing a mountain, ‘impossible’ is not in his vocabulary. Maybe that’s why he’s been so successful with SAT training (helping students increase 110 points) and how he continues to inspire everyone he meets to achieve their dreams.
Dana Myers
Dana MyersDirector of Development
Dana is a Mom. She and her husband, Chris, have 5 children ranging in age from 11 to 19. If you come in our office and she hasn’t mentioned Christopher, Michael, Daniel, Meghan, or Courtney, you must not have stayed for more than 5 minutes. She has over 25 years of Marketing/Development experience that she devotes to Attollo’s to secure grant funding, build donor relationships, manage special events, and promote the Attollo name and mission through web, print, and social media. A native of Lancaster, Dana is a graduate of Lancaster Catholic. She is passionate about her family, running, her Cavalier King Charles dogs, and her children’s sports.
Maia Edmunds
Maia EdmundsDevelopment Assistant
Maia is a graduate of Conestoga Valley High School and Penn State Berks where she earned her Bachelors in Global Studies in December 2017. During her educational career she served as a Writing Assistant and a Teaching Assistant.
Olayinka Credle
Olayinka CredleAttollo Startup Program Lead
Olayinka started her own business, has 3 beautiful daughters under the age of 6, is mawas born and raised in Brooklyn NY. She attended high school in Harrisburg and moved to Lancaster to attend Millersville, where she earned her Bachelors in Sociology and a Minor in Government and Political Affairs. She has worked in Youth Academic Development for over 8 years and is also an Entrepreneur as CoFounder/Co CEO of Melanin Essentials (Organic, non-toxic, personal care products for women of color). She and her husband have 3 daughters.
Johnny Rusbasan
Johnny RusbasanAttollo Startup Program Lead
It’s Johnny English, everyone! Just kidding, his last name is Rusbasan, but Johnny has actually lived in England for 10 years before moving back to Pennsylvania to attend Franklin and Marshall college. There he received his bachelor’s in History and Business while also serving as the Community Service chair for Kappa Sigma Fraternity. Johnny is really all about giving back, he’s shown this dedication through his four service projects with YoungLife where he traveled to Bulgaria, Greece and Romania twice. There he helped build playgrounds and teach English in impoverished schools and communities. To further his service to local communities Johnny works with Attollo to create the Startup program which teaches Scholars how to create and develop their own startups. When he’s not working on community service projects he’s steady killing it in on the golf course. Johnny was the Men’s golf club champion at Buck Hill Falls for 2016 and runner up in both 2015 and 2017. Johnny is kind of the whole package, he even knows how to play the banjo and drums, and was in a Ricky Martin music video! Okay, that last one isn’t true, but we wouldn’t put it past him.
Kinzi Harrington
Kinzi HarringtonCreative Specialist
Dungeons and Dragons anyone? If you thought this was just a game for geeks, think again. Kinzi is the Dungeons and Dragons master. She can also kick your butt at Mario Kart and she reads Lord of the Rings every year and has watched the movie more times than she can count. Hey wait, what if Kinzi is actually a geek?!? You know what, we’re glad she is; because she is devoting her analytical mind and her creativity to ensuring that Attollo’s social media is on point and reaching exactly the audiences we need to reach. She works at lightning speed and is the queen of reporting. Kinzi is a native of Philadelphia and earned a Bachelors of Science in Digital Media from the University of Valley Forge. She worked as a Media Specialist and Photographer from Sandy Cove Ministries in Maryland and as a multimedia producer for an online health network. She recently relocated to Lancaster from Texas. Her favorite quote is of course from Tolkein, “even the smallest person can change the course of the future.”
Yujin Bronner
Yujin BronnerCreative Specialist
Yujin came all the way from Japan to be part of Attollo! Actually, he moved here when he was 12, but we’re pretty sure it was all part of his plan to begin working here after graduation. He is a Lampeter Strasburg graduate and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic and Interactive Design from Temple in 2017. He had 3 Graphic Design internships throughout his educational career. At LS he played soccer and played the trumpet in the marching band. He’s always up for a game of soccer, volleyball, or ping pong (don’t be surprised if we have a ping pong table in our lobby the next time you come!). And you know what, he does origami too! Yujin is the master of all things graphic at Attollo and he works tirelessly (or sometimes tiredly…like till 4:00 AM for example) to ensure perfection. Yujin lives at home in Lampeter.
Linda Chey
Linda CheyCreative Specialist
Linda Chey is our very own artist and YouTube star! In fact, with 1.3k subscribers she created 2 Lyric Videos that hit one million viewers each on YouTube. She knew she had a knack for intermingling art and technology, so she pursued her education and is now a graduate of DeSales University with a B.S. in Digital Art. Linda is a native of Lebanon and she loves documentaries, Ted Talks, and scary TV shows. As a first generation Cambodian American, she is motivated by her family. She is a comical genius who is devoting her creative and technical talents to Attollo. Linda’s motto: Embrace challenges and see failures as an opportunity to grow.
Beimnet Getahun
Beimnet GetahunPrograms Coordinator
Beimnet is a super spunky first generation Ethiopian American, who brings an indescribable passionate energy to Attollo. She was born and raised in Lancaster and graduated from Hempfield High School. She earned her Bachelors in Social Work at Eastern University and her Masters in Social Work from Azusa in Los Angeles in 2015, where she counseled students K-8 in the school setting. She recently returned to Lancaster and has joined us as Programs Coordinator. She has been instrumental in SAT Prep, putting in twice the amount of preparation so students will excel. She loves story telling, crafting, and photography, because she is passionate about creating and capturing moments. We are lucky that she is creating and capturing moments for our students.
Jade Grove
Jade GroveFellowship Initiative Associate & Head of Messaging
Jade is one for firsts! No stranger to the Attollo program, she was actually a part of the first class of Scholars in the program when she joined back in 2011. Jade was also the first Scholar in Attollo to complete the Rubik’s cube without assistance and was the first in her family to graduate college after receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies and Marketing from American University. Something most people discover about Jade early on is her love for food, whether she is cooking an extravagant meal for her family or watching the newest Chef’s Table season on Netflix, Jade will always be happiest when she is eating or food is the topic of conversation. Jade also loves to talk about her study abroad trip where she lived in Rome, Italy for three months as well as any recent thriller films. Utilizing her experience in communications, marketing, and from being a former Scholar, Jade will assist in developing the Attollo brand as well as mentoring Attollo Recruits.