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We influence and develop change agents, leaders who act as catalysts for transformation with the help of academically aware students, proud parents, an engaged community, and a staff that leads by example.


“You can’t pay it back… so you have to pay it forward.”

This is what my personal mentor said to me as he dropped me off at the University of Maryland when I thanked him for basically saving my life. After getting into trouble in middle school, I was introduced to my mentor who had very high expectations for me and who held me accountable to exceptional standards. He was the reason why I worked hard in school, on the field, on the court, and ended up with a football scholarship to University of Maryland.

So, when I thanked him, his response stuck with me:
“You can’t pay it back… so you have to pay it forward.”

Children Deserve A Chance Foundation and the Attollo program has been my effort at paying it forward. Each student who graduates from Attollo receives the same message. The purpose of Attollo is not only to help individual students to ‘rise up’; the purpose is to also help our community to ‘rise up’. We are investing in students who, we believe, will be the leaders of tomorrow. Armed with the desire to work hard and the leadership principals to make changes happen; Attollo scholars understand, ‘you can’t pay it back… so you have to pay it forward.’

All the best,

Jordan Steffy

Founder and CEO

Children Deserve A Chance’s Mission is to support success-oriented youth from primarily underrepresented communities in their pursuit of academic achievement, empowerment, and social engagement.

How do these students
become Attollo Scholars?



Jordan Steffy
Jordan SteffyExecutive Director
Once a Quarterback, always a quarterback…Jordan calls the plays for the team so we can score for our Attollo Scholars. Nothing is off limits—staff all-nights, 7:00 AM team basketball games, and 5 Before 5 (running 5 miles before 5AM) — as he asks nothing of his team that he wouldn’t do himself. Between CDCF, UniVision (the bilingual Day Care Center he co-founded), and Xylem (a mentoring app company he co-founded), Jordan takes his dreams and turns them into reality. At Attollo, Jordan ensures that his team is growing and challenging themselves constantly and is always ready to move to the next level. Watch for Jordan running 20 miles around the F&M Track before work (yes, that’s 80 laps) or running the streets of Lancaster before a major presentation. Jordan is passionate about our Scholars and about the love of his life, Kiandra, and their amazing daughter, Meera.
Leo Silva
Leo SilvaAssociate Director
We haven’t figured out if Leo actually has caffeine running through his veins or not, but Leo possesses an endless energy that energizes the entire organization. Born in the Dominican Republic and an active member of LCBC, Leo cares deeply about the people he loves;: his students, his coworkers, and his family, especially his daughter, Ciara. Leo can also be found running endless loops at the F&M track and working out constantly at LA Fitness. If you pose a challenge to Leo, he’ll accept it and conquer it. Whether that is running a sub 5-minute mile or climbing a mountain, ‘impossible’ is not in his vocabulary. Maybe that’s why he’s been so successful with SAT training (helping students increase 110 points) and how he continues to inspire everyone he meets to achieve their dreams.
JeAnna Durnell
JeAnna DurnellDirector of Access
Every great team needs a cheerleader, and JeAnna is ours. JeAnna who is actually a Competitive Cheer Coach and a lifelong cheerleader, creates the routine for Attollo Recruit, trains the Recruit leaders, and handles each move with precision. She is meticulous in creating experiences that will benefit our Middle School Scholars and our High School Recruits. If you are a night owl or an early riser, you can find JeAnna on route 222, making her trek from Reading to be at our partner schools and 4:30 AM and after mentoring middle school students she heads to coach her Cheer Squad at night. Because she obviously has so much extra time in her day, JeAnna is also pursuing an accelerated MBA in Educational Entrepreneurship from Penn. She loves spending time with her family and her boyfriend Nate and we know they love spending time with her too.
Dana Myers
Dana MyersDirector of Development
Dana is a Mom. She and her husband, Chris, have 5 children ranging in age from 11 to 19. If you come in our office and she hasn’t mentioned Christopher, Michael, Daniel, Meghan, or Courtney, you must not have stayed for more than 5 minutes. She has over 25 years of Marketing/Development experience that she devotes to Attollo’s to secure grant funding, build donor relationships, manage special events, and promote the Attollo name and mission through web, print, and social media. A native of Lancaster, Dana is a graduate of Lancaster Catholic. She is passionate about her family, running, her Cavalier King Charles dogs, and her children’s sports.
Maëlis Mittig
Maëlis MittigDirector of Growth
In her heart, she is a Yogi; she meditates, she does headstands randomly throughout the day, she child poses, downward dogs and host of other yoga moves that we can’t pronounce. Originally Maëlis is from France, and found her way to Lancaster, PA and entered Lancaster Catholic. After Penn State, she found her way to Wall Street and tripled the size and profits of Frances Financial. Despite her successes, she followed her heart back to her family in Lancaster (she is the oldest of 6 siblings) and to her passion of working with students. Maëlis is working to take the successes that we achieve at Attollo and replicate those successes as Attollo grows.
Natalie Wiggins
Natalie WigginsHead of Design
Natalie is the quiet and creative type; but when she talks; ,we listen. Natalie has a sense of design and is a genius at using her creative and technical skills to create presentations, posters, brochures, and anything else that is thrown at her, to make it 200% better than the original product. Natalie has a passion for pandas and pugs. She has her own blog that is a space that focuses on the current news of hip-hop, street culture, graphic design, music, and writing. Look for Natalie running on the streets of Lancaster, but watch out, she’s a boss at kick-boxing too.
Hector Ferronato
Hector FerronatoDirector of Technology and Innovation
We honestly think the future President of Brazil might be on our staff right now. Hector worked tirelessly in high school to come to the United States to receive an excellent education at an American college, Franklin and Marshall. Just one problem — Hector couldn’t afford it. Despite the scholarship he received, Hector could not afford the remainder. But that didn’t stop him. He sold t-shirts to put a dent in the tuition bill, but it didn’t add up. 3 days before his tuition was due, Hector went on a Brazilian game show, similar to Minute to Win it. When Hector rolled the final bike tire across the room and amazingly into the bike rack, he knew he had raised enough money to make his goal come true. Thankfully Hector’s journey to America brought him close to Attollo and he has devoted his exceptional computer and mentoring skills to leading Attollo Code. If you want to find Hector, stop by the office. He’s here. Always. He honestly sleeps while coding.