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We influence and develop change agents, leaders who act as catalysts for transformation with the help of academically aware students, proud parents, an engaged community, and a staff that leads by example.


“You can’t pay it back… so you have to pay it forward.”

This is what my personal mentor said to me as he dropped me off at the University of Maryland when I thanked him for basically saving my life. After getting into trouble in middle school, I was introduced to my mentor who had very high expectations for me and who held me accountable to exceptional standards. He was the reason why I worked hard in school, on the field, on the court, and ended up with a football scholarship to University of Maryland.

So, when I thanked him, his response stuck with me:
“You can’t pay it back… so you have to pay it forward.”

Children Deserve A Chance Foundation and the Attollo program has been my effort at paying it forward. Each student who graduates from Attollo receives the same message. The purpose of Attollo is not only to help individual students to ‘rise up’; the purpose is to also help our community to ‘rise up’. We are investing in students who, we believe, will be the leaders of tomorrow. Armed with the desire to work hard and the leadership principles┬áto make changes happen; Attollo scholars understand, ‘you can’t pay it back… so you have to pay it forward.’

All the best,

Jordan Steffy

Founder and CEO

Children Deserve A Chance’s Mission is to support success-oriented youth from primarily underrepresented communities in their pursuit of academic achievement, empowerment, and social engagement.

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Jordan Steffy
Jordan SteffyFounder & CEO
Jennifer Creel
Jennifer CreelChief Operating Officer
Dana Myers
Dana MyersDirector of Development
Maia Edmunds
Maia EdmundsDevelopment Assistant
Camillie N'Diaye
Camillie N'DiayeDirector of College Planning
Yujin Bronner
Yujin BronnerGraphic Design Specialist
Linda Chey
Linda CheyGraphic Design Specialist
Beimnet Getahun
Beimnet GetahunPrograms Coordinator
Ramon Williams
Ramon WilliamsDirector of Data Analytics
Jade Grove
Jade GroveDirector of Communication
Jabari Benjamin
Jabari BenjaminDirector of Finances